another really nice circle another one of that circles Why Prešov and the European Capital of Culture

Because WE will win it

When the competition for the ECOC 2013 title took place in 2007, Prešov finished as a runner-up. Today, we perceive our runner-up positon as a great challenge and proof that the city of Prešov has a huge potential with regard to culture. We do not want to be indebted to anyone and therefore we intend to prove that Prešov, often referred to as "Slovak Seattle", is worth this title. Because WE will win it ... since on the one hand, the Prešov region together with the city of Prešov as its dominant is the largest, but also the least developed region in Slovakia, and, on the other hand, it has the greatest undiscovered potential for the development of cultural heritage, artists, minorities and architecture of underdeveloped cultural infrastructure. Prešov, considered the Mecca for Slovak art, simply deserves it.

Let’s build it together

The very involvement in the project will bring unprecedented opportunities to the city, and Prešov, as we know it today, will be transformed into a modern and vibrant city. The aim of participating in the project is to interconnect existing cultural areas, individual riders, create a quality cultural infrastructure, and change the culture in the city and the region. The ECOC concept will also enable the city of Prešov and the whole region to create a modern and high-quality system of cultural education for future generations built on the solid foundations of its cultural heritage and infrastructure. The added value of such a project lies in improving the quality of life in the city of Prešov and the Prešov region, creating a background for self-realization and support of art, and, last but not least, in a significant architectural change in the cityscape. The prestigious ECOC title would open up unique opportunities for the city of Prešov and would mean its permanent highlighting on the cultural map and attracting not only the cultural community but also tourists from all over the Europe.

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What if we are not awarded the title?

The development of this area is very important for the city not only due to the ECOC, but also because the city needs to have a developed cultural strategy, which is currently stagnant and does not go hand in hand with the needs of its citizens.

We will achieve it together

Through a thorough mapping of the city's culture and analysis of weaknesses we want to create together with experts from each area a broad team that will propose suitable solutions for the development of the entire project. Let's join forces and cook it together! Let’s awaken the culture of the Prešov region and give it a chance to be permanently and very clearly visible on the European map!

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